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Tarek & Theron

As we got off the bus, I told Theron he would get a great new mentor, and even if he didn’t, I had his back, just like everyone in our cabin and everyone at CYAR. He turned his head, looked up at me, and said calmly, “I know that”…with a smile and look in his eyes that said yes, he absolutely knows that.

Image: Tarek and his mentee Theron

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James & Salvador

Salvador learned healthy outlets for his stress and anger and began to thrive. He stopped doing drugs and quit his gang involvement. He went to class, and his grades climbed dramatically, achieving A’s and B’s to raise his GPA to well above 3.0.

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Youth – Bradley

Bradley looks back now, just weeks before his graduation from Manual High School, and sees how much his expectations have changed.
“Before I didn’t have a planned course or destination,” he says, “but Dan showed me that you could turn your life around. You could fight against the odds.”

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Youth – Vanessa

Before Colorado Youth at Risk I was a girl hiding behind my “hoodie”. I quickly became a rebellious teen who didn’t care what others thought. Now I’m a strong, confident woman in college. I know that I can endure anything thanks to the support of my wonderful CYAR family.

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Mentor – Sue

I signed up to become a mentor and was surprised that the two young women I was paired with inspired and challenged me to grow and learn during some challenging circumstances in my life. I now am able to be more self-expressed and make powerful choices in my life. I have revitalized all of my relationships in my life, but most of all I am at peace with who I am.

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