CYAR Mentor Wins Kaiser Permanente Volunteer of the Year Award
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CYAR Mentor Wins Kaiser Permanente Volunteer of the Year Award

Lee Culbertson Recognized at the Annual Kaiser Permanente Summit Banquet for Outstanding Achievement in Community Service

As a Teen Parent Advisor at Kaiser Permanente, Lee works as a counselor assisting pregnant young women and their families by ensuring her clients have a healthy pregnancy and empowering them for a life of independence and self-reliance. Lee was drawn to Kaiser Permanente’s’ philosophy of social responsibility and community outreach while promoting healthy lifestyles. Lee says her career not only fits her professional aspirations but “it also fits with my heart” as does her community service and volunteer efforts at nonprofit, Colorado Youth at Risk.

Lee began volunteering with Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR) in 2008 as a pro-bono mental health counselor and a mentor to two teenage youth, Victoria and Courtney. She describes her relationship with her mentees to be “one of the most rewarding in my life”. Lee has also supported Colorado Youth at Risk as a member of the silent auction committee, breakfast committee and mental health counselor at CYAR’s Launch Course- which is the foundation of CAYR mentoring communities built at a 4 day mountain retreat.  In total, Lee has contributed over 360 volunteer hours to Colorado Youth at Risk.

Colorado Youth at Risk relies on Lee and other volunteers to make valuable contributions to the organization by donating time, money and supplies to the organization. CYAR volunteers are highly skilled professionals and come from diverse backgrounds. Volunteers are key in helping CYAR deliver successful programs in a fiscally responsible way. In 2011, 402 volunteers, including 305 mentors, were active at the agency representing 43,408 volunteer hours, not including Board of Director volunteer hours.

Kaiser Permanente has been a longtime supporter of Colorado Youth at Risk. The organization will sponsor the Colorado Youth at Risk’s 2nd Annual Possibility 5K Run/Walk on July 22 in Washington Park.  The event is an investment in the Colorado Youth at Risk dropout prevention program which empowers teenage students through community-based mentoring and intensive training. CYAR is grateful to have Kaiser Permanente’s partnership and sponsorship of the eventwhich showcases the powerful relationships created between Colorado Youth at Risk mentors and mentees. Registration is open to the public and active at

Colorado Youth at Risk (;, founded in 1993,Colorado Youth at Risk aims to reduce the number of high school dropouts, match students with adult mentors and provide students with a sense of their place in the future. At the core, Colorado Youth at Risk programs are built on one thing: relationships. It is no different with our corporate sponsors and we work together to bring you optimum brand recognition through ongoing event and marketing collateral as well as employee engagement opportunities. Our approach ensures that the Colorado Youth at Risk audience is well-informed about your brand and your company is engaged as a partner. For more information on corporate sponsorship and partnership please contact Ashly Overturf at 303.623.9140.