Bold Leaders
Colorado Youth At Risk focuses on transforming youth, mentors, & the community as a whole.

The Bold Leaders Giving Society is comprised of individual donors that have pledged anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 per year for five years or more to support the mission of Colorado Youth at Risk. Since 2003, more than 70 people have joined this multi-year giving community.

Alec Rhodes
Anne Kern
Brandon Smith
Brett Ford
Bryan Wright
Chris Jacobson
Chris Lynn
Claudia VanOrden
Dan Grooters
Daniel Klowden
David Williams
Donald York
Doris Gray
Eric Miller

Grant Merrill
Hanna Steplewska Kubiak
Jeff Webb
Jenifer Madson
Jeremy Jackson
Joan Brennan
Jon Roberts
Karen Yablonski-Toll
Kate Hulings
Keith Ambuhl
Kevin Duncan
Laura Love
Marsha Giordano
Matt Bliss

Melissa Zeligman
Michael Brown
Michael Katz
Mietra Ghaffari
Pete Metropulos
Rebecca Newson
Rick Meyer
Robert Shelden
Sarah Orens
Scott Wolf
Scott & Amy Zirbel
Stephen Mackey
Susan Meeske
Suzie Shride
Yuko Aoyagi
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