Colorado Youth at Risk takes pride in the training and support we provide for our mentors prior to being paired with a young person. Below are the initial steps to begin the mentoring process.
“I really get the importance of keeping my word. This program helped me to set some big goals and showed me how to achieve them.”
Attend a Creating Promise Tour Informational Session
Complete an interview with the Volunteer Manager/Recruiter
Complete all Mentor Paperwork and Background Check
Attend and complete all Mentor Trainings
Foundation Workshop
Getting Powerfully Related to Young People
Coaching Teens Effectively
Advanced Mentor Training

Steps Ahead
“Being part of the CYAR community was by far the best thing for me, it both pushed me to grow and supported me while I struggled. I feel more connected with the community. I will be more involved in my community.”
The program is a year long commitment, and ends with a completion ceremony. At the end of your one year commitment, we introduce our Touchstone Leadership program. We encourage both the mentor and the youth to move on together to continue your relationship, develop leadership skills, and continue with the community.

One year commitment
Weekly meetings with your young person
Monthly Community Workshops
2-3 Mentor Meetings
After the Launch Course:
PAIRING OCCURS. Mentors and youth help identify who they would like to be paired with. Each mentor will be assigned a group leader to coach and support them throughout the year.

Mentors meet weekly with their young person, at a time and location that is convenient for both.
Once per month the entire community of mentors and youth reunite for a community workshop.
Mentors will have 2-3 Mentor only meetings that will provide additional training and coaching throughout the year.

Student Recruitment Brochures
If you would like to see what our student recruitment brochures look like, please use the following links:
Student Recruitment Brochure (PDF)
Student Recruitment Brochure – Spanish (PDF)
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