Youth – Bradley
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Youth – Bradley


When Bradley James started working with mentor Dan Kobler, his goals were modest. He wanted to improve his behavior, his attendance, and his grades. He wanted to catch up.

And he did.

Working with Dan, Bradley raised his grades from D’s and F’s to C’s.  But he didn’t know he hadn’t fulfilled his potential yet.

“Dan asked me, ‘Are you good with all C’s?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’ve never had anything higher than a C.’ ” But after some prodding, Dan encouraged Bradley to aim even higher. The next semester Bradley got straight B’s.

Bradley looks back now, just weeks before his graduation from Manual High School, and sees how much his expectations have changed.

“Before I didn’t have a planned course or destination,” he says, “but Dan showed me that you could turn your life around. You could fight against the odds.”

“I tried to instill in him that he is the only one that can change his course,” Dan agrees. By helping him define and set goals for school and life, Dan empowered Bradley to take control of his future.

“We made correlations between the decisions he was making and the end result,” shares Dan. “He took it on wholeheartedly and has made great strides in accomplishing his goals.”

After graduation, Bradley will attend Community College of Denver and is setting his sights on a business degree.